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Joey Paul Jensen’s specially designed acting curriculum develops the actor to feel the power and uniqueness of their talent. Classes cover a wide range of skills including comedy improv, dramatic improv, voice and speech, scene study, photographic memorization, cold reading, script and working on camera.

Classes are throughout the year and each set of classes has a specific concentration for a selected time frame. All classes are on camera and parents are welcome to see playback each week to see the progress. Joey believes working with kids and teens in the business is a big commitment and having an open dialogue with parents about performance builds confidence and command for auditioning in person and self-taping.
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Joey has ongoing webinars throughout the year with different curriculums. She has been conducting these seminars for the last 5 years and has students from all over the world participating. Please contact for further inquiry.

National and International seminars are also a part of Joey’s program. She has taught internationally throughout Canada, England and Hong Kong. Joey has taught intensive weekend seminars throughout the United States in major cities as well as smaller markets. These programs can be for smaller groups or larger groups. The specifics of the classes can be designed for each individual group. Out of town seminars often focus on improv, comedy, cold reading, script analysis, commercials and acting for camera.
4-Week Episodic Season Specialty Series for ages 6+ starts Oct 3, 2018
Get the skills that directors need you to have in order to say YES
Strengthen the range and depth of your overall acting skills. This unique craft class will have specific emphasis for 2 weeks of comedy and 2 weeks of drama. Episodic Specialty Series starts October 3rd.

Deepen Your Commitment
Expand Your Dexterity
Develop Your Photographic Memory
Refine Your Overall Command

Week One: Ice cold reading to cold reading, developing photographic memorization skills: Multi Camera and Single Camera Comedy audition prep.

Week Two: Callback preparation, finding the funny, on camera performance.

Week Three: Dramatic scene study, tv and feature film tone, script analysis and strengthening choices.

Week Four: Dramatic performance/callbacks, taking direction and adjustments, on camera performance.

All classes have improv, voice, and movement as a part of regular exercise for developing and deepening the actor’s craft.
Scenes from Class
“When you communicate well, it doesn't matter if you are an actor or a doctor or a scientist. It helps you have good relationships.”
Film Camp 2017 was a blast!
Weekly training classes are back in January.  
This is a great way to learn technique and discover your unique storytelling style.
“ I started my acting training when I was 9 with Joey Paul in her classes, and have been training with her ever since! 

She helped me perfect not only my comedy skills but also worked with me on my drama work which lead me to land my first TV role on “Criminal Minds”. From there I was able to put my comedy training in action as a series regular on “Henry Danger”. 

I love working with Joey because she is really direct in her coaching. She is so fun to work with and gives you honest critiques, then works with you on specific helpful notes to get you to the level you need to be at, and make you the best actor you can be.” 

– Sean Ryan Fox
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