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When should my child do one to one coaching?
Beginning actors should definitely invest in 1:1 coaching when they go in for big auditions. There is just so much to know.  Acting is about making choices, and a coach can help you explore which choices feel best to you, not just memorize lines.  More experienced actors regularly use one-to-one coaching to change up their style, eliminate bad habits, work on role-specific skills and get prepared faster.

I always tell people that in some ways acting is harder than the Olympics.  Once you've managed to get to the Olympics, at least at the very last minute you have your coach there to encourage you and get you in your best frame of mind so that your training can pay off.

A good time to work with a coach is right before they do a self-tape or the day of an audition to provide that bridge between their training and their choices, and to keep them focused on their strengths so they can do their best work.  
Supporting a child to fulfill their dreams, in acting and beyond, is an investment with lifetime benefits.  They may not say thank you now, but they will always remember that you believe in them. 
What to expect and how to prepare for private coaching sessions
1. Send the Breakdown + the Script
Private coaching teaches you how to prepare yourself for a role, and one of the biggest things to do is to read the BREAKDOWN first, not just the sides.  If we are doing a coaching session to prepare for an audition, please send me the full breakdown in addition to the script.  A coach will use this to help you learn how to identify exactly what the casting director is looking for so you can have that framing and then bring your own style to that goal.  Beginners in particular have a lot to learn about how to understand the materials they are given.

2. Get logged in on Skype.
Most coaching sessions are over Skype, so be ready in a spot you can concentrate, without a lot of background distraction.  
When you log in, let me know that you are there by sending a hello in the chat. Sometimes Skype goes to sleep without you knowing that you are offline, and this will wake it up.

3. Parents should plan to be there to listen to the coaching.  Younger actors may need your help during the session, and you should hear what the coach is teaching them (and hear how great they are) so you can learn too and support them when a coach is not around.

3. Allow a grace period for our session. Coaches don't always have control over the many calls and meetings throughout the day, so sometimes may need to start a few minutes later than planned.  If you are late, always let your coach know. 

4. Be off book as much as possible.  The more you can spend your coaching time exploring different ways you can deliver the scene, rather than learning lines, the better.  

5. Expect to be supported, not criticized. Coaching gives you a chance to take risks in a safe environment when no one's watching.  So try something new every time.  That is where the growth happens. A great coach will bring out your best qualities so you can go into your audition with confidence that you are prepared, unique and memorable!
Sept 2018: 4-Week Episodic Season Comedy and Drama Series
Boost your skills and confidence for Episodic Season, ages 6 and up
Strengthen the range and depth of your overall acting skills. This unique craft class will have specific emphasis for 2 weeks of comedy and 2 weeks of drama. Episodic Specialty Series starts September 27.

All classes have improv, voice, and movement as a part of regular exercise for developing and deepening the actor’s craft.
Coming in Fall...Tuesday evening classes
Scenes from Class
“When you communicate well, it doesn't matter if you are an actor or a doctor or a scientist. It helps you have good relationships.”
My kid could do that movie! 
Here's a tip you can learn from Camp Cook Kids for standing out in your next audition
One of the important dynamics in casting Cool Kids was the relationship that all the kids had together.  So a lot of the young actors who stood out the most were the ones that had the ability to really give backstory to the relationships of the kids that were involved in the camp. Their prior relationships. Had they been to camp previously together? Were they just getting to know each other?

I could tell in the audition process the kids who took the time to really give a full fleshed out world and backstory to the characters they were playing.  I feel this effort not only worked well in Camp Cool Kids, but works well for every audition that kids go on.  It's easily overlooked to not think about the world of the characters or the backstory of what the relationships are.

Use your imagination to dive into the backstory of the character and the relationships this character has with the others.  It shows!
Coming in Fall...Tuesday evening classes
Scenes from Class
“When you communicate well, it doesn't matter if you are an actor or a doctor or a scientist. It helps you have good relationships.”
Yes, you should be a filmmaker
with special Voice Over Producer and Writer Rob Loos
As an actor, you will learn so much about how to create exactly what the director is looking for when you experience being a film maker.  This is the most important reason to come to film camp. 

But it's not the only reason.  You'll also discover other aspects of this industry that you might love!  I was an actor before I was a casting director, and if I had never tried casting, I would never have known how much I would love it.  

With today's amazing creative technology, being a filmmaker is something you really can do as a young actor.  Come to camp to learn this skillset and enjoy your new skills all year long.

In camp we end with the SHORTY SHORTS FEST where we show off our work to family, friends and invited guests.
Coming in Fall...Tuesday evening classes
Scenes from Class
“When you communicate well, it doesn't matter if you are an actor or a doctor or a scientist. It helps you have good relationships.”
“ I started my acting training when I was 9 with Joey Paul in her classes, and have been training with her ever since! 

She helped me perfect not only my comedy skills but also worked with me on my drama work which lead me to land my first TV role on “Criminal Minds”. From there I was able to put my comedy training in action as a series regular on “Henry Danger”. 

I love working with Joey because she is really direct in her coaching. She is so fun to work with and gives you honest critiques, then works with you on specific helpful notes to get you to the level you need to be at, and make you the best actor you can be.” 

– Sean Ryan Fox
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